Calpeia started its journey with the aim of bringing the delicious and unique tastes from all around of Asian Minor (Modern Day Turkey) to the furthest reaches of the World. It has been exporting the high quality agricultural products of Aegean, Mediterranean and Anatolian. With its dedicated passion to bring the best service to their partners, Calpei has been the bridge between the local agro manufacturers and world’s leading food companies.

Calpeia is aiming to develop its reliable and transparent relations with its existing partners and eager to build new partnerships to widen its chain of trust.

As Calpeia, our common passion is to preserve the fresh produces of Anatolia, which is the main source of the unique flavors of Anatolian cuisine from past to present, and to present these popular flavors to your liking by increasing their presence in the world cuisine.

With this passion on our way, we travel all over Anatolia from side to side and choose the best delicious fruit and vegetables for you. As Calpeia team, we are working with pleasure to test the quality and taste of all the products that were chosen by professional teams to deliver these unique tastes all around the world.

The team at Calpeia is young and motivated to bring the excellence in all the services we provide. We start every day at Calpeia with the aim of providing best quality food products to our customers which turns our days into a challenging marathon. To keep the consistent supply of the best quality food products, we as Calpeia do our best day by day and keep bringing Anatolian tastes to your kitchen.



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